My Village Chorafakia, Akrotiri, Chania

This book was written by Emmanouil Koutrakis, son of Giorgos, about the history of the village of Chorafakia. It took 20 years to complete and contains many interesting stories, hundreds of photographs, and information about our village Chorafakia, that you will not find anywhere else.

The e-Book was created by Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz (Χαΐνζ Μαξ (Χαράλαμπος) Κάμπουτζ), with the initial translation into English done using ChatGPT 4. We hope to continue improving the translation and will upload new versions as they become available.

By purchasing this product, you get access to a revised version of the original PDF in Cretan Greek, with all photos inlined into their relevant sections. You also get the EPUB version. Furthermore, you get the English translation as PDF and EPUB, and any future languages that we might translate the book into. Please request if you would like to read the book in your own language!

Note: All the earnings of the sales of this digital download go to the author Emmanouil Koutrakis, son of Giorgos.

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