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"Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank" - Proverbs 22:29 (NIV)

This training bundle will equip you to become a better and more effective Java programmer. Learn how design patterns are used in the JDK to produce the most popular language - Java. Understand how data structures work in Java. Get low-level with Bits&Bytes. Learn a bit about threading. Use the functional power of streams and lambdas.

With 37 hours and 19 minutes of training, this will keep you busy for a while. Earn certificates of completion for the Java Design Patterns Course by submitting the completed excercises.

1. 16h20m - Java Design Patterns Course (2018 Edition)
2. 8h11m - Data Structures in Java (Late 2017 Edition)
3. 3h27m - Bits and Bytes (Early 2018 Edition)
4. 43m - Threading Essentials
5. 4h46m - Refactoring to Java 8 Streams and Lambdas
6. 34m - Build Your Own CircularArrayList In Under 34 Minutes
7. 3h18m - IntelliJ Wizardry with Heinz Kabutz

Total: 37 hours and 19 minutes

Your Instructor

Dr Heinz M. Kabutz
Dr Heinz M. Kabutz

Heinz Kabutz is the author of The Java Specialists’ Newsletter, a publication enjoyed by tens of thousands of Java experts in over 145 countries. His book “Dynamic Proxies (in German)” was #1 Bestseller on in Fachbücher für Informatik for about five minutes until Amazon fixed their algorithm. Thanks to a supportive mother, he has now sold 5 copies.

Heinz’s Java Specialists’ newsletter is filled with amusing anecdotes of life on the Island of Crete. He is a popular speaker at all the best Java conferences around the world, and also at some of the worst. He teaches Java courses in classrooms around the world, where his prime objective is to make absolutely sure that none of his students fall asleep. He is not always successful.

Courses Included with Purchase

Java Design Patterns
How you can get Java design patterns to do exactly what you want and accelerate your software career in less than 1 week
Dr Heinz M. Kabutz
Learn how Java supports bitwise arithmetic and where these tricks are used in the Java Development Kit (JDK)
Dr Heinz M. Kabutz
Build Your Own CircularArrayList In Under 34 Minutes
See how we can create our own CircularArrayList by reusing the Collection framework abstract base classes.
Dr Heinz M. Kabutz
Data Structures in Java
A thorough look at the collection classes in java.util.** in Java
Dr Heinz M. Kabutz
IntelliJ Wizardry with Heinz Kabutz
A bad workman always blames his tools
Dr Heinz M. Kabutz
Refactoring to Java 8 Streams and Lambdas Online Self- Study Workshop
Dr Heinz M. Kabutz
Threading Essentials
A quick overview of threading, covering the basics of thread creation, synchronized and VarHandles.
Dr Heinz M. Kabutz

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