For those who want to change their perspective on life, to attain true freedom and take control of their own destiny.

"As soon as we finish our computer science degrees, we should start our own businesses."

"Absolutely, yes, we will".

Heinz was listening to his two closest university buddies discuss what they would do once they had that golden piece of paper.

"Um guys", said Heinz cautiously, but firmly, "I will never start my own business."

Heinz had grown up in a family of entrepreneurs. He knew the hard reality of what it meant to be self-employed. Long hours, lots of risk, debt. Struggles to pay school fees. Eating out, even for burgers? Once a year if a kind visitor treated the family.

Never say never. After a two year stint as an employee, Heinz started his own business. His two buddies are still working in jobs at great companies. Funny how that works sometimes.

Heinz had a huge advantage. All through childhood, he saw the example of his father, the Entrepreneur. Around the dinner table, Hans Rudolf Kabutz would relate stories. About the bad encyclopedia salesman, the student who was terrible at math but who became rich, the guy who manufactured thin plastic bags. Each story had a lesson for running your own business. How to sell, how to set prices, how to structure your business, how to avoid going broke, etc.

As a teenager, he accompanied his father on three business trips, driving all over South Africa. On these long sojourns, they spoke about life and business. He saw first-hand how one should approach and close sales. He learned how to dress in a customer-oriented way and speak their language.

He has been self-employed since 1998 and has thrived in good times and bad, battling with anti-business legislation, exchange controls, capital controls, poor infrastructure and remote locations. For the last 12 years he has lived on the Island of Crete, establishing a premier Java conference called JCrete. Prior to this, he lived in Cape Town, South Africa.

A cult figure, readers of his Java Specialists' Newsletter frequently approach him with the question: "How did you do it?" What they mean is - how did he create an almost fanatical following in 145+ countries with tens of thousands of Java experts reading his writings? What is his secret? The answer is to live entrepreneurially.

"Entrepreneurially" is for those who want to change their perspective on life, to attain true freedom and take control of their own destiny.

It includes:

  1. Welcome - what is Heinz's background, why should you listen to him (you shouldn't - he's a Java programmer, not a business guru), what has he "achieved"?
  2. Sales - the #1 focus of every successful business, easiest way to raise cash and keep your business afloat. Great products do not matter. Only thing that matters is sales, to the chagrin of all programmers that ever lived.
  3. Capital Equipment - how you can stay out of business debt and be smart about what you buy, focusing on great quality, rather than only price.
  4. Blessing - how to ensure that your business does not only serve you, but your community and people around you.
  5. Cash - why cash is more important than profit and how you can always have enough of this precious commodity.
  6. Structure - how to protect your personal assets when building a business, how to choose good partners and associates.
  7. Risk - one mistake and the business owner can lose their future and that of their children. We look at how to decrease this risk.
  8. Welfare - follow steps 1-7 and you will have a lot more disposable income. Learn how to manage this wisely so you don't end up a fatty like Heinz :-)

"When I saw your intro to the „Entrepreneurially“ course, I was particularly enticed the promise of advice from several generations. Being the owner of a small business in the second generation, I was looking to learn good tips would help me run the company; something I might have missed along the way, all those years.

Actually, I found so much more than just some tips. Yes, the good advice is there, numerously, in the form of stories and examples, good principles and tips. There’s a little bit of everything, from sales, pricing, customer relations, work planning, welfare, frugality and more. I took many little suggestions away from it.

But underneath that, the course is actually an ardent plea for uncompromising integrity, sound practice, cautious risk management and a fair, generous conduct that invites good business to your door. It’s not about maximising profit at any cost, but about how to make the wealth (and the fun) stick and grow, which I find very refreshing. It’s a nice change in this shark-tank world.

I think anyone will benefit from adopting this mindset, both business owners and the broader public. In a worldwide economy where clients can just walk somewhere else, we've got to put some care into making them want to come back.

Also, the course comes with a one-hour, live, personal analysis and advice session. Dr. Heinz really has lots of experience and a knack to take a good look at a complex situation, analyse it, and give pinpoint situational advice. Together with an encouraging way to guide one towards the solutions, it led to real change in just a few hours.

He’s a bit like this friend you can ask anything, and he’ll give you a straight, honest answer that helps you get at the problems. You can bet he’ll find the sore spots!

Dear Dr. Heinz, I have profited from your thoughts and advice on several levels. Thank you for putting out this course! Thank you for working up the courage to talk about things so close to home."

- Benjamin H.

Private On-boarding Session

A key component of this course is a private one-on-one 15 minute on-boarding session with the authors. Heinz Kabutz has spoken to a lot of potential entrepreneurs about marketing, sales, structures, debt and many other topics that are absolutely essential. Maxi Kabutz has lived most of his life entrepreneurially, having championed his rock band into wide success in Greece and beyond.

Requirement: Complete at least 90% of the "Entrepreneurially Course" before booking the session.

"I had already gotten a basic idea of Heinz’s business advice from the first part of the course and was excited to talk to him directly in a private session. We started with an informal brainstorming and fairly quickly got to the topics that were of particular interest to me - financing/surety and sales/increasing marketability. We discussed them in depth and Heinz gave me lots of valuable and concrete advise for my situation. His son Maxi was joining us as well and chipped in with some interesting perspectives on his business experiences from his days in a Greek rock band. At the end of our session I had collected a lot of input and many tips for the future development of my business. I can highly recommend the on-boarding session. It is a perfect supplement to the Entrepreneurially course!"

- Ingo Seidel

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Dr Heinz M. Kabutz
Dr Heinz M. Kabutz

Heinz Kabutz is the author of The Java Specialists’ Newsletter, a publication enjoyed by tens of thousands of Java experts in over 150 countries. He has been a Java Champion since 2005.

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